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Ampino impressions from Greece

Although my spare time is very limited, I did try my best and managed to listen to the Ampino this weekend. I also wish to point out that it has not been properly run-in yet as it only has around 10-15 hours of operation in total.

I listened to it both directly connected to my CD player and via my dac. The speakers I use are back loaded horns full-range, single-driver ones, which are a very easy load with minimum impedance of around 9 Ohms and of a very high sensitivity of around 100 db. The Ampino in all cases and from the very first moment gave me the impression that it is very open, clear and really capable of reproducing even the smallest detail from every recording with surgical precision. From discs that I have heard numerous times I am sure that I heard new things for the first time, actually I am in the process of rediscovering my whole music collection!

The bandwidth that the Ampino is capable of outputting is also phenomenal; it is as if a veil has been lifted off my system. Another thing that I have noticed is the huge soundstage that extended well beyond the physical barrier of the speakers, which simply disappeared. The soundstage was also remarkable in depth with all instruments clearly defined in space.

Having said that, I am really impressed with this little wonder, which seems to be a very well designed and executed device. As a closing comment, I have to say that I consider the Ampino as a point of reference in music reproduction.

Thank you very much,
Diamantis Svigos

March 2012

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