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Ampino impressions from Italy

I would like to share my impressions on Ampino. This is not a review, I'm not a professional, but only some considerations.

For my test I've chosen this music, put in increasing criticity of reproduction.

1. James Taylor, Walking Man, CD Live
2. Manfredini, Concerto for Trumpet and arches
3. Vivaldi, Concerto in RE
4. Peter Erskine, Terrace

I've used fullrange Tang Band W8-1808 drivers mounted on a bass reflex cabinet, made by me.

Ampino had more than 100 hours of use.

These are my results for each music.

1. A great musical scene, you can follow electric bass scale without problems. Voice and
acoustic guitar are very warm. All instruments are well defined.
2. Superb natural sound, high frequencies are totally clean, original barocco's instruments sound is enhanced.
3. A completely pure barocco music. Whit low notes closures the feeling is wonderful.
4. A strange jazz piece, starting very silently and never so loud. A wonderful trio that leaves no room for compromises. From the very first notes you hear musicians as they were with you. Piano, contrabass and light drums have a their own collocation in the musical scene. This is the most critical music chosen, being made by few notes, few instruments, low volume, no noise.

In conclusion, I can say that Ampino is a very interesting amplifier, with great sound, warm, you have no difficult in hearing it, it is a restful hearing. You can stay sit in front of your hi-fi for hours without feel wearying.

A great project, a wonderful idea, a superb amplifier.

Thanks Dayens!

I hope these completely personal opinions could help you.

With my best regards,

Pierangelo Slaviero

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